Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Will you be my bridesmaid?

I decided that I wanted to ask my bridesmaid and maid of honour in a special way other than just to ask them so this morning I have made these little tags and attached them to postcards so I can pop them in the post
I have asked my cousin, my fiances cousin and for my maid of honour I am asking a friend who hasnt been in my life all that long but has made such an impact by being such a fantastic friend to me, she is also married and I want to keep with tradition, I have one spare for my old best friend we have gone our separate ways but I wanted to make one just incase something were to come together and she could be part of my day.............dont see it happening but it just felt right to make her one too.
Will be starting to make the Save the Dates soon too after our meeting with the Vicar on Valentines day when we have a date, although I can start preping them now.

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Right I have decided that I really need to start blogging again and now Isabella is 17 months she is happy to play by herself from time to time which will allow me to jump on the mac and blog.
I am loving being a mummy and feel really lucky that I am able to stay at home full time, I love being with my baby girl, she is a very busy toddler and she now does Ballet lessons which I love and will be in a show at the end of feb, so excited about that!
I have really got to get into making products to sell again, have been a bit out of practice due to buying a new house and the endless list of jobs I have to get done, but feel it is time to get started again now.

Here is a recent picture of my gorgeous Bella Boo.